Ted Orthopedics connected splint

Knee pad

199.00€ Tax incl.

Measure the circumference of the thighs and take 10 cm above the middle of the patella.Knee brace measurement

  • Colors: black and blue
  • Size: 40 cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Washing: reusable and hand-washable (maximum 40 degrees)
  • Charge: 3.7V continuous battery, 15mA / USB charge magnetic connector
  • Elastic thigh-holding band and motion sensors

The Ted K-Ortho knee pad is a Class 1 medical device under Directive 93/42/CE indicated in case of knee rehabilitation. This device is a regulated health product that bears, under these regulations, the CE mark. During the first use, we invite you to read carefully the instructions on theNoticeof Use of your product. Ask your health care provider for advice.

Repayment base of 102.29 euros.

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